review: the kills’ “blood pressures”

By Cody Robinson on 11/12/2013

Four albums in, The Kills have finally hit their stride. American rock vixen Alison Mosshart and British indie rocker Jamie Hince team up to create another raunchy, bluesy, garage rock record, and it’s their best one yet. If their previous albums were a balance between songs that make you want to snap your fingers and songs that make you want to bounce your head, then Blood Pressures is their graduation–some songs actually leave you wanting to pump your fist in the air. (Rest assured, there’s still plenty of finger-snapping and head-bouncing to be had as well).

Artist: The Kills (previous: 2008’s Midnight Boom)

Release Date: April 4, 2011

Details: The indie rock group’s fourth studio album, Blood Pressures was recorded in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Dingo Dictum: A-


Jamie’s funky crunch guitar licks and Alison’s angst-filled vocals have never sounded better, and this time around the chemistry is so hot they’ve left us with some real anthems; “Future Starts Slow” and “Baby Says” are the two tracks that immediately stand out. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that the duo have made an outstanding LP, which is rare in today’s world of bite-size singles. And never have they done it with such seeming ease.

The last track off the album, “Pots and Pans,” plays out in grand style, with a shimmering three chord sequence and Alison repeating in the background, “These are the days we’ll never forget / When the dawn dawns on you.” Well Alison, it has dawned on us: you and Jamie may have started slowly, but the The Kills are finally killin’ it.  Δ


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